Oceanarium | mission #11




TO/YA is taking the World nightlife scene by storm! With her dynamic music and passion for Deep House, House, and Tech House, she’s always sure to get the crowd moving. Since 2010, she has been making waves in clubs across the world, and her involvement in music since childhood has led her to perform at concerts and create music. Her dedication to creating a unique and memorable experience for her clubbers is sure to keep her at the top of the Polish clubbing circuit!



The Orientarium is the most modern pavilion in Europe dedicated to the fauna and flora of Southeast Asia.  The building, enclosures, and aviaries cover an area nearly equivalent to 10 soccer fields. The solutions implemented allow for the animals to be kept in large spaces, combined with other species, and in a diverse environment. Our guests can observe the inhabitants of the Orientarium from three perspectives: underwater, terrestrial, and from above. The Orientarium and the rest of the ZOO are open to visitors all year round, and the animals do not need to be moved to breeding facilities during the colder periods. In the Orientarium, there are 35 species of terrestrial animals and 180 species of fish.



TO/YA has prepared carefully selected music specifically for this set. Get ready for a real musical journey! Partners





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