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DJ Kuba & Neitan is a dynamic DJ and production duo from Poland. Consisting of Jakub Lipa and Mateusz Śliwa, they have gained significant recognition in the international electronic music scene for their high-energy performances and chart-topping releases.

Coming from a background of diverse musical influences, DJ Kuba & Neitan’s sound encompasses elements of house, electro, and EDM. Their tracks are characterized by infectious melodies, powerful drops, and catchy vocal hooks, making them a favorite among festival-goers and club enthusiasts.

DJ Kuba & Neitan’s rise to prominence began with their breakthrough track “Mash Potato,” which received widespread support from renowned DJs and amassed millions of streams. Since then, they have continued to release hit after hit, collaborating with prominent artists and labels in the industry.

Their energetic and engaging DJ sets have taken them to stages around the world, including performances at major festivals and renowned venues. Known for their seamless mixing and ability to create an electrifying atmosphere, DJ Kuba & Neitan have built a loyal fan base that eagerly anticipates their live shows.

Beyond their DJing prowess, the duo has also established themselves as talented producers. They have released music on prominent record labels such as Spinnin’ Records and have collaborated with notable artists, further cementing their position in the industry.

DJ Kuba & Neitan’s success extends beyond the studio and stage. They have received numerous accolades, including nominations for the Polish Music Awards, and have consistently ranked among the top DJs in Poland.

With their infectious sound and undeniable talent, DJ Kuba & Neitan continue to make waves in the electronic music scene. Their ability to blend genres, create anthemic tracks, and deliver electrifying performances sets them apart as an influential force in the industry. As they continue to push boundaries and captivate audiences worldwide, their future in the music industry looks incredibly promising.