COMMING SOON | mission #7


Get ready to embark on a sonic odyssey with Bonzan, where mesmerising melodic techno soundscapes come to life. His musical journey evolved from punk rock roots to the captivating world of electronic beats, igniting dancefloors with his unique sound.

Bonzan has emerged as a genre-bending force, skillfully crafting hypnotic soundscapes that captivate audiences worldwide. Drawing inspiration from house, techno, and electronica, his productions exude a dark energy that resonates with authenticity. You’ll be surprised by how smoothly he mixes intricate melodies of melodic techno, hypnotic rhythms of progressive house, and raw energy of peak time techno. Each note is meticulously crafted in his studio sanctuary, resulting in tracks that reverberate with emotion.

After honing his craft in the shadows, Bonzan burst onto the scene in 2022, igniting hearts with his debut track “Kera,” amassing nearly 40,000 Spotify streams. Since then, his tracks have been featured on top playlists, gaining recognition from leading curators and remixed by some of his favourite producers in the melodic techno scene.

Performing at renowned techno clubs like Luzztro and K-Bar, Bonzan leaves audiences spellbound with his dynamic and captivating sets. Seamlessly blending slow-burning melodies with pulsating peak time techno beats, he takes the crowd on an unforgettable journey.

As Bonzan continues to push the boundaries of melodic techno, he remains dedicated to crafting tracks that resonate deeply with listeners worldwide. Don’t miss the chance to experience his electrifying sound and energy on the dancefloor.

Join Bonzan’s hypnotic musical journey and prepare to be mesmerised.