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Dj Justri beautiful and talent girl dj from Eastern Europe. Her unique look at music industry and perfect music feeling bring Ukrainian EDM scene to new highest level. Many DJ’s, music experts and magazines, praised her style as the most innovative in the EDM. In a dance music scene where many dj’s opt for derivative and formulaic styles, Justri are more than just refreshing, she is an inspiration. Girl, who feel everyone on the dance floor and playing 100% smashing, bouncing and powerful music. Her passion to House and Electro, make dance floor go to madness. In 2014 she went on a trip to explore Asia. Her passion for music and the ability to understand the Asian culture, quickly brought her to a new level of popularity. Especially in southern China, where she performed at major festival’s and was awarded with prestigious award’s. Since 2015 she became an International Dj. In 2016 she was continued conquest Asia region and visit many countries as: China, India, Malaysia, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand. Founder of monthly mix-show ‘’United Vibes‘’. This mixtape contains her vision to the music industry and is a big part of her soul. Every month her music trapped in the best Electro Mixcloud and have a lot of listeners in Pyromusic. She made it to bring union for all people around the world. Looking to forward she know what people need, ready to guide them and make everyone happy.



52°24’44.0″N 16°57’06.6″E Porta Posnania tells the story of the beginnings of the Polish state and the Cathedral Island. There are no museum exhibits here. We present our history in a modern way, with multimedia and light. Visiting the Porta Posnania has two stages: first is a unique exhibition located in a minimalist building, the second one is a walk through the cathedral island. The audio guide is available in as many as 8 language versions: Polish, English, German, Spanish, French, Czech, Russian and Ukrainian. Various sightseeing options are available: for young people and adults, as well as for families with children. Porta Posnania is an accessible and welcoming place. The exhibition is suitable for the elderly, families with small children and people with disabilities. Throughout the year we organize many events, including workshops, temporary exhibitions, concerts, activities for children and adults and academic conferences. We are inspired not only by the history of the Cathedral Island, but also by the amazing wealth of its nature. Porta Posnania is thus also a meeting place by the river, where you can relax and take a breather.



DJ JUSRTRI prepared a special and energetic set for her live performance, showcasing her unique and high-quality musical skills. Her set, specially crafted for SKANDALIZER, featured a distinct blend of electrifying beats and captivating melodies.



Brama Poznania

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