Wreck of the Concrete Ship | mission #1

We’ve got it! SKANDALIZER proudly present our debut project for SKYTECH.


SKYTECH is a talented and renowned DJ in the electronic dance music (EDM) industry. With a unique blend of energetic beats, captivating melodies, and infectious rhythms, SKYTECH has garnered a loyal following worldwide. Known for his dynamic performances and chart-topping releases, he has collaborated with top artists and performed at major music festivals around the globe. SKYTECH continues to push boundaries and shape the EDM scene with his distinctive sound and electrifying live sets.


GPS: 53°31’31.3″N 14°39’01.7″E. This is unique element of Lake Dąbie. To see this wreack, you need to reach the area of ​​Świnoujście, where you can see a ninety-meter long hull of a concrete ship.Ships were built out of concrete for a very prosaic reason – there was not enough steel during the war. One of them is Szczecin’s “Ulrich Finsterwalder” with a length of 90 metres, a width of 15 metres, 6.5 metres of draft and a capacity of 2947 GRT. She made her first voyage in August 1944. She was a tanker transporting synthetic gasoline from the synthetic gasoline factory in Police to Świnoujście. She was bombed on 20 March 1945 by Soviet air force. After the war, the wreck was towed to Świnoujście and sunk. At the turn 1970s and 1980s, at the initiative of a divers’ association at the A. Warski shipyard, the wreck was raised and transported to Lake Dąbie, where it was to serve as a swimming pool. However, for technical reasons, the implementation of the idea was interrupted and the ship was transported to Inoujście again, where it ran aground and still can be seen today.


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